Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Wish I Was Taller...

Hi there...
Miss me already ??
Yeah, long time no posting..

A few days ago, i was joined 'PASKIBRAKA' at my school..
And i just realized that one thing that very very important, my HEIGHT.
Indirectly it just so annoying me....

And then i did some research..
And thanks to Mr. Google, i got some tips to get taller.. and here it is...
Just get ur note and write it down..

U have to know, why u have problem with ur height..
Mostly, the cause are :
-less of exercise
-less calcium

Fix all the cause by following some of this tips :

Exercise more and standing activity
A good exercises to increase height :
-jumping rope

Inadequate intake of nutrients and vitamins. Adequate nutrition will be very helpful. Always provide a menu of vegetables especially those containing iron and calcium in ur food menu.

For example, spinach, mustard greens, etc..
and drink milk to earn more calcium..

Try to sleep 8 hours a day and avoid staying up late.

Drug consumption improvement body on regular basis in accordance with the recommended dose..

(but i think it would be better without drugs)

And from me..
do ur own research anddd...
don't forget to pray..

good luck to u and please wish me luck too :)

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