Saturday, January 12, 2013

Journey To Fame

Well, this is kinda stupid. I search my name on google. It's because i'm obssesed to see my name on google search.

Have u ever try this before? Yes? This is amazing right? It's great to know that someone else out there appreciate what u did, when people arround u didn't.

And for u that never try this, I RECCOMENDED YOU TO TRY THIS AT HOME :)

So, this are SOME of what i get from google.

1. RetweetRank

I got rank : 434.300 top tweet world wide on this site! Not bad :)

2. Topsy

I got "Top Tweets" label from this site :) thx

3. Listorious

You can interview me from this site. COOL! I don't even know about this :D

4. Followgram

I got label : "Cool to Follow" :)

5. Klout

I got : "Unique Conversation" because of my tweets to Cameron Mitchell :)

6. Fashion Tumblr Blogs

I got label from this site : "Best Fashion Tumblr Blogs to Follow"
because of my Tumblr >> INDIE MONSTER

7. Global Street Snap

On this site, more than 102.010 people like the photo that i post in my tumblr. WOW!

8. Favstar

I got "Best Tweets" label from this site :) thx again

9. Meet Me

I got label : "Nice People to Meet" :)

Well, many more site that have my name on it. Just check it by your self >> Search "Maureen Lumempouw" on Google. And i hope, i can see more like this when i'm getting older.