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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

14 years old British couple becomes the youngest ever parents

It is not a Hollywood movie scene but in reality Nathan Fishbourne and April Webster from Caerphilly, South Wales have earned the title of Britain’s youngest parents on 18th December 2010 when April Webster gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 14.
The couple started dating when they were 13 and went as far as having unprotected sex which resulted in the birth of Jamie, their 8lb 14 oz baby boy.
By giving birth to a child at such a small age the couple has joined the ever growing army of child parents in the U.K where child parents are seen juggling with their school work as well as baby care.

Jamie’s mother April said that though Jamie was not planned but she is going to be great mum for him and she will give him everything he ever want. April gave birth to Jamie just few days before her 14th birthday.
The couple was too embarrassed to seek any advice or to tell their parents that they were having sex despite the fact that they were living just few miles from each other.
Nathan has also expressed same kind of feelings for his son Jamie, while Jamie his currently living at his paternal grandfather’s home with his mother who  shares a room with her older sister Robyn who is 17 and she helps April in baby feeding.
The couple is not certain about their future together.
It is not the first incident of child parenting in the United Kingdom as last year a 13 year old boy from Sussex became the youngest father when her girl friend aged 15 gave birth to a child but later on DNA results revealed that he was not the real father of the child but another teenager was the real father of the child, thus depriving the Sussex boy from the title of the youngest father.

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My Inspiration Things On JUNE !

dress up to go to the park !

uuhh.. again.. my granny told me to take my doggy to have a walk on the park..
i just dont know what to wear..?

aha.. i gonna wear heels !!!!

so today im wearing zara cardigan, details checker dress, serena flowery dress, and clarks tosca shoes..

and i want u all to meet my sweety cutie doggie...


didja know why i named him Oreo ?
yupp.. bcs his hair colored white and black just like the Oreo cookies..

okay.. i have to go now..
or my granny gonna angry to me.. bye..

Nanny Mc Phee Mission !!

see u in the next post :D

whats on 21st century girl bag ?

this is all the things i borrow everywhere, everytime, everymoment....
oh, noo.. but all this things ir not allowed in my school :P

so.. its a coach poppy bag, gucci wallet, small holy bible, nivea refreshing toner, casio exilim camera pocket..
small comb, tissue paseo, a pen, etude, fendi sunglasses..
the body shop perfume morrocan rose rose dumaroc, ikat rambut, blackberry storm, blackberry gemini..

and i forgot 1 thing..
this novel...

u know i never read a novel...
but when i see this in the rack of gramedia,
i just fell in love..
this is the 1st novel i've ever read...

and its amazing, u know ?
its really make me wanna LOL all the time..
u should read that, i recomended this..

i have all the series, and this green 1 is the last series..

and its have film to..
check this out..

this the trailer of the 2nd series..

Diary of a Wimpy Kids : Rodrick Rules

Monday, June 27, 2011

folks folks folks yumm...

i'm getting bored so i just locked my self in my 'cribe' and discovering something..
and i got this fabric, and i realize that's my mom's fabric to make a dress..

i wrap my body with that fabric and i use a pin so its not gonna flip down when i take some photo..

so i'm wearing un-branded outerwear, the fabric as dress, & nevada ankle boots..
and im wearing a neklace that belongs to my sister, thx sista :P

a little journey

i dont know what to wear.. and this is all i got from the bottom of my closet :P

im wearing rodeo cardigan, unbranded denim dress, neklace from strawberry, & nevada ankle boots :)

and let me intoduce to u my sleep-friend-teddy-bear named Mr.Timmy
BTW, my lil' sist just named it :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

friendship !

im gonna miss this momment !!

i have many friends, 3th of them r my BEST BEST BEST FRIENDS FOREVER..
and here they r...

let me explane this pict to u !

(left to right)
there's gaby and then feby and of course my self, and then misyel

and this is 1 of our favotire quote..

no boys, no cry !!!

we have many great quotes about friendship !
and u all can see it on our friendship twitter account

click here , and i'll take u to our magical twitter acc..
dont forget to follow us...!!!

celebrity with their fave ice cream !

who's ice cream do u think yummier ??


i think later he'll make 'FAVORITE ICE CREAM' song.. LOL


WE CAN CHANGE ! change what ?? ice cream recipes ?


JUDAS will be forgoten !!!


 maybe thats why she make the
video that way...

i think thats why she like her 'UMBRELLA' more than her ice cream ?!
not bcs her ice cream not yum..
bcs she's got just a little cup of ice cream...


OK, miley, maybe u think 'NOBODY'S PERFECT' ?!
how 'bout that ice cream ?


nothings can change her shopaholic clothes image..
but, maybe this ice cream can ??
 bcs, she not longger as the shopaholic clothes, now she's gonna be shopaholic ice cream..


SELENA : " who says.. who says u not yummy ?" (singing to that ice cream)



justin, usher, and jaden !!!

check this out !!
Justin & Usher 2009 & 2011. #WOW #GROWINGUP on Twitpic

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ME + YOU = :)

he try to make me proud, and he did it !

he want to pick me from school...

sec before we dating :)
me: 'justin !!' justin: 'yeah, hunny...'

once again he made me melted...

don't you ??

the most....

from the smallest..



most expensive....

and the cheapest...

 and unique !!
can i wear it ?? LOL