Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Morning !

supp !! last sunday in the morning, me and my aunt, uncle, lil' sist, and big sist visit a beach called 'Pante Malalayang' ! its the one torism icon of Manado...

(left to right) my aunt, my lil' sist, my big sist..
i love my aunt t's :)

this is so gorgeous right ?
rocks beaches with Bunaken and Manado Tua view

this is the masterpiece of the cafe around here..
fried banana with chili sauce..

not just fried banana, theres a boiled corn, and tofu with vegetable in it..

look at this beautiful thing..

and there a neklace seller..

nutrisari !!

this is my big sist..
she has a cool blog too..
check it out..

this is Kayla my fashionable lil' sistaa...
i'll post some of her fashion photo later..
just wait..

look !! BANANA BOUT !!

Kayla's Fashion Shoot..

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