Tuesday, June 28, 2011

whats on 21st century girl bag ?

this is all the things i borrow everywhere, everytime, everymoment....
oh, noo.. but all this things ir not allowed in my school :P

so.. its a coach poppy bag, gucci wallet, small holy bible, nivea refreshing toner, casio exilim camera pocket..
small comb, tissue paseo, a pen, etude, fendi sunglasses..
the body shop perfume morrocan rose rose dumaroc, ikat rambut, blackberry storm, blackberry gemini..

and i forgot 1 thing..
this novel...

u know i never read a novel...
but when i see this in the rack of gramedia,
i just fell in love..
this is the 1st novel i've ever read...

and its amazing, u know ?
its really make me wanna LOL all the time..
u should read that, i recomended this..

i have all the series, and this green 1 is the last series..

and its have film to..
check this out..

this the trailer of the 2nd series..

Diary of a Wimpy Kids : Rodrick Rules

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